Billy Crafton Financial Advisor Donates

Financial Advisor Billy Crafton Donates to Support Youth Sports Camps for Military Children

Exciting news late this Fall here as I’ve made another donation to Helping Hands For Freedom, one of my favorite charities.

San Diego resident and HHFF Circle of Heroes Advisory Board Member, financial advisor Billy Crafton, makes a generous $10,000 donation to support Youth Sports and Education Camps scheduled for 2015.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) November 22, 2014

Today nonprofit Helping Hands for Freedom (HHFF) announces a significant donation in support of the work they do for United States military families. San Diego resident and HHFF Circle of Heroes Advisory Board Member, Billy Crafton financial advisor, makes a generous $10,000 donation to support Youth Sports and Education Camps scheduled for 2015.

Mr. Crafton says, “I met the founder of HHFF, Rod Smith, while I was still in college when he asked me to help him run youth football camps for kids back in the Midwest. It was such a rewarding experience that I have stayed a part of Rod’s charity work over the years. I know first-hand what a difference these programs make in children’s lives. In this special month when we recognize our true heroes, it is my honor to support military children and their participation in the youth programs provided by Helping Hands for Freedom.”

Rod Smith adds, “Veterans Day recently came and went here in November, and it’s a special time of year for both our military and all the nonprofits that serve them. It’s important to recognize not only the sacrifices made overseas, but to also recognize the sacrifices our military families make at home. Our Youth Sports and Education Camps help accomplish that, and I appreciate Billy’s generosity.”

HHFF youth sports and academic curriculum camps provide an environment of positive participation and life-skills development. The camp experience empowers young men and women to become strong and productive leaders in society. Directed toward active participation, the program focuses children on positive reinforcement while building self-esteem and raising skill levels.

The Youth Sports & Education Camps are open to boys and girls ages 8 to 14, without regard to race, color, creed, or religious affiliations, and are open to military children of the fallen, wounded and deployed. We recognize the multitude of struggles facing many military families and the challenge parents face in raising children in a continually changing world, all while serving our country.

To learn more about Helping Hands for Freedom and how to get involved, please visit:

MISSON: Providing for military children whose parents are injured, lost to war, and facing multiple deployments.

MILITARY CHILDREN — “THE STORY BEHIND THE SCENE”: The children of our wounded service members, and those who lose a parent to war, suffer not only from the devastating loss of a parent and a life-changing home environment, but also from the absence of a significant contributor to their growth, development, and education. Children whose parents serve multiple deployments also face considerable change. To these children facing such significant issues, caring mentors and proven leadership provide the vital support, encouragement, and inspiration to help them reach their goals in life. We work to address the gaps in the military and government’s support for the immediate needs facing our military children and families.

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